How They Made It: Baking Bannocks in Outlander at Castle Leoch

Welcome to our occasional series, “How They Made It.” We’re baking bannocks the way Mrs. Fitz in Outlander would, then updating them to the present day. I had never heard of bannocks prior to discovering [...]

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Outlander and the Emmys: And the Nomination Goes to…Someone Else

Outlander and the Emmys: Fans everywhere have opinions about why this beloved show deserves all the awards. Here’s a realistic look at why we should prepare ourselves for some disappointment.  Let me start with this [...]

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What Outlander Season 3 Taught Me About Life

Outlander is more than a wonderful read and/or fantastic TV series. It’s also full of important life lessons. Here are a few Outlander Season 3 life lessons. Which ones resonate for you? Last year on [...]

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Outlander Filming Locations: Touring Hunterston House

In addition to the gorgeous natural landscape, Outlander the TV show uses many historic Scottish homes as Outlander filming locations. We took a private tour of Hunterston House, the setting for Reverend Wakefield’s home and [...]

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How They Made It: Baking Short Crust Pastry at Lallybroch

Welcome back to our occasional series, “How They Made It,” where we explore the food and drink of Outlander. This time we’re back in Jenny’s kitchen making short crust pastry tarts with her and Mrs. [...]

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A Conversation with Keith Fleming aka Lesley in Outlander

Supporting actors play vital roles in helping to make Outlander the award-winning show that it is. Keith Fleming, aka Lesley, talks about his life as an actor in general and on Outlander in particular.  Keith Fleming is the [...]

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Outlander Sanctuaries: The Sacred Spaces of James Fraser

We all need sanctuaries from time to time. In the adventurous world of Outlander, Jamie Fraser needs them more than most. Here are some of Jamie’s Outlander sanctuaries. When you think of a sanctuary, you [...]

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Outlander the Show: Whose Story is it — Jamie’s or Claire’s?

Among the many emotional fan debates on Outlander the book series vs. Outlander the STARZ TV show, none raises more ire than if/why Jamie Fraser gets short shrift. Holly Richter-White analyzes why TV Jamie is [...]

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How They Made It: Parisian Baking in Outlander

Welcome back to our occasional series, “How They Made It,” where we explore the food and drink of Outlander. This time, we’re exploring Parisian baking from Dragonfly in Amber. Bon Apétit! Paris was not good [...]

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TOUCH TRIO Bundle | May 2018 Kudos

This is my birthday month, and I’m so excited! I have some wonderful things in store with #MinuteWithMary – including the new May Customer Kudos TOUCH TRIO Bundle which is 100% customizable and includes 30% savings [...]

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Ronnie B. Goodwin: Outlander Supporting Actor, Filmmaker, Photographer

What’s it like to be an Outlander supporting actor? Scottish actor Ronnie B. Goodwin shares some of the details on that and his acting career with Outlander Cast. Ronnie B. Goodwin has worked as a [...]

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Top 10 Musical Moments of Outlander Season 3

Outlander boasts plenty of memorable musical moments, thanks to composer Bear McCreary. As we did for Seasons 1 and 2, here is our ranking of the Top 10 Musical Moments of Outlander Season 3.  Much [...]

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An Outlandish Day Out: Visiting Lallybroch, Fort William and More!

Are you an Outlander fan headed for Scotland? If so, we’ve got you covered on how to navigate a DIY Outlander day tour using Edinburgh or Glasgow as your home base. The tourist season is [...]

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How They Made it: Drinking Colum’s Rhenish in the Great Hall

Welcome back to our occasional series, “How They Made It,” where we explore the food and drink of Outlander. Here we look at drinking rhenish with Colum and Leticia as they entertain in the Great [...]

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Why I Reread and Reread (and Reread) Outlander

Rereading Outlander is one of the great surprises and blessings of my avid reading habit. Nor am I alone. Here are a few reasons why this popular book series resonates each and every time. I [...]

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Outlandish Locations: Time Travel back to Culross and Explore its History

The latest in our Outlandish Locations series explores the picturesque village of Culross, home of fictional “Crainsmuir” in Outlander Season 1. We detail the history of the town as well as the character Scotland continues [...]

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Why Outlander is TV’s Chemistry Central

Outlander onscreen chemistry, especially between the two stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, is a well-known fact. We look at what makes them sizzle and how to spot chemistry in real life.  In the STARZ TV [...]

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The Outlander Season 4 Chase Continues: Two Days in Glasgow

We’re continuing our Outlander Season 4 behind-the-scenes photos and filming coverage, this time with Outlander filming in Glasgow. Spoilers ahead! Don’t click if you don’t want to know! Someone called us the Dynamic Duo, so why not? [...]

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Chasing Outlander: More Season 4 Behind-the-Scenes Photos

We’re continuing our Outlander Season 4 behind-the-scenes photos and filming coverage, this time with Dunure Harbour. Spoilers ahead! Don’t click if you don’t want to know! As usual, it was an international effort to bring [...]

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How They Made It: Recreating Mrs. Graham’s Shortbread

Welcome back to our occasional series, “How They Made It,” where we explore the food and drink of Outlander. This time, we’ll dive into the world of Mrs. Graham’s shortbread. To the kitchens, then! When [...]

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All Stitched Up: Outlander Costume Artist Liz Boulton Shares Her Craft

Love Outlander’s intricate costumes? We chatted recently with Outlander costume and embroider artist, Liz Boulton, about some of the hidden details in the Outlander costumes from Seasons 1-3.  In the usual Outlander way, it was a [...]

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Outlander Season 3 TV Soundtrack Review: A Little Madness is Key

The Outlander Season 3 TV soundtrack is full of hellos, goodbyes, and is, at times, straight up bonkers. Here’s why it stands out among Bear McCreary’s previous Outlander efforts and reminds me of La La [...]

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Voyager: New Identities, New Beginnings in Outlander Season 3

Author Diana Gabaldon long ago highlighted “identity” as a key theme in the Outlander series’ third book, Voyager. We take a look at how Starz brought this to life on screen for key characters in Season [...]

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Travel Your Way Through Droughtlander and Beyond — A Round-up of 2018 Outlander Fan Events

Want to meet up with other Outlander fans to pass the #Droughtlander time? We round up some of the top Outlander events throughout the globe scheduled in 2018.  Looking into all of the Outlander-inspired events and [...]

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13 Work Excuses Outlander Season 3 Taught Me

From goats to coconuts to time travel, Outlander Season 3 gifted us some creative excuses to use in our real lives. Here are our favorite work excuses.  Alarm. Parent. Traffic. Work. Traffic. Parent. Sleep. Rinse [...]

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