This Is Us Too: The Right Thing To Do

  This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake discuss This Is Us Season 1 episode 11: The Right Thing To Do.  […]

Outlander Sanctuaries: The Sacred Spaces of James Fraser

We all need sanctuaries from time to time. In the adventurous world of Outlander, Jamie Fraser needs them more than most. Here are some of Jamie’s Outlander sanctuaries. When you think of a sanctuary, you [...]

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This Is Us Too: Last Christmas

  This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake discuss This Is Us Season 1 episode 10: Last Christmas.  […]

Outlander the Show: Whose Story is it — Jamie’s or Claire’s?

Among the many emotional fan debates on Outlander the book series vs. Outlander the STARZ TV show, none raises more ire than if/why Jamie Fraser gets short shrift. Holly Richter-White analyzes why TV Jamie is [...]

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Wicked Rhody: (5/11/18 – 5/13/18) A Podcast About Rhode Island Life and Events

Wicked Rhody podcast hosts Mary and Ben discuss Rhode Island life, ideas, events, and stuff to do for the week of May 11th.  Subscribe: iTunes | StitcherDownload: (.mp3) | Mobile PlaySocial: Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Follow Us On InstagramRead more » [...]

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How They Made It: Parisian Baking in Outlander

Welcome back to our occasional series, “How They Made It,” where we explore the food and drink of Outlander. This time, we’re exploring Parisian baking from Dragonfly in Amber. Bon Apétit! Paris was not good [...]

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