Newborn Etiquette – Episode 10

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss newborn etiquette with special guests: Erik and Jay. Inspired by an article written by Lunchbox Dad on what NOT to [...]

Wills & Trusts – Episode 9

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the absolute necessity of Wills and Trusts with Beth Phillips - a local Estate Planning Attorney from Rhode Island Elder [...]

Mom’s Roundtable On Pregnancy And Birth – Episode 8

Hosts Mary and Blake lead a roundtable discussion with some local moms on the few glamourous moments and the frightfully awkward experiences that comprise pregnancy. [...]

The Importance Of Bedtime Routines – Episode 7

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the importance of bed-time routines with special guest, Tracy Martin Turgeon, Vice President Regional of Operations for the Children’s Workshop. Learn [...]

Dad’s Roundtable on Pregnancy and Birth – Episode 6

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Music Together for Babies and Toddlers – Episode 5

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Baby Led Weaning – Episode 4

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss "Baby-Led Weaning" with Gill Rapley, co-author of the book, Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods - and [...]