Outlander Cast Podcast: The Five Love Languages Of Outlander – Episode 77


Written by: Blake Larsen

Inspired by Janet Reynolds’ article, and all the fun that is Valentine’s Day, the Outlander Cast podcast hosts, Mary, and Blake, bring you our version of the FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES of Outlander.  In this episode, we discuss what “love languages” actually mean, what our languages are,  the languages of Colum, Letitia, Frank, Dougal, Jenny, Ian, Suzette, Murtagh, and of course, Jamie and Claire.  We also have a special guest on that you cannot miss, and we are starting a giveaway of FOUR Outlander season 2 Blurays!

We had A LOT of fun with this episode, and we laughed and joked throughout most of it. Especially when we posited why Alex Randall would have the most beautiful Instagram feed full of food and fancy lattes with artsy swirls in the foam if he were alive today. But, also why he is TOTALLY in the friend zone. We also discuss why Mary was in the friend zone growing up, why no one thought she was a good “high school” or” college” girlfriend, but that she would be the best “real life” girlfriend, and why we think the character that completely matches that same characteristic is Jenny Murray!

All the fun aside, there is some really great character analysis and we dive deep down to figure out who these people are, what they are motivated by, and what is most important to them through the lens of all things love.

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