Written by: Blake Larsen

Let’s face it, #droughtlander sucks.

But just because there aren’t any new episodes to chat about doesn’t mean there isn’t ANYTHING to chat about.

In fact, there’s plenty!

So while we haven’t seen anything new on our screens, there are lots of things happening behind the screen to keep the Outlander train chugging.

That said, we thought we’d try something new – bring on some of the Outlander Cast Blog staff, who you read every day, to parse out all the latest goings on for our favorite show.

We were recently joined by Anne Gavin, senior writer and our Outlander Cast news editor, to discuss all the latest news related to season 3 we know so far.

In this episode, you’ll learn all about: new characters, new actors, trailer date, premiere date, cast appearances at Emerald City Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con, social media updates from the major Outlander social media players (like Matt B. Roberts, etc.), episode counts, new writers and directors, and all the rumors swirling around Outlander season 3 production.

There is a lot of great information in this episode, and we had tons of fun too – talking about everything from how Sam Heughan hasn’t eaten a cupcake in 2 years to why we would totally go to Comic Con if it weren’t for all the lines and people bumping into each other, Jamaica, Sam’s new gym, and much more.

So hit the jump to get up to date on all the latest Outlander news!

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