Written by: Ashley Crawley 

A couple weeks ago, my pal and fellow blogger, Nikki Gastineaupondered whether our penchant for crowning Outlanders Jamie Fraser the Perfect Man was one that would hold up in real, modern-day life. You know, what with the questionable sleeping, fighting, bathing habits and all. Dreamy as he may be, her rationale was compelling enough to elicit from me an audible sigh of relief that it was Claire that was displaced in time instead of the reverse. But it got me to thinking—what if Jamie hadn’t found his blood-of-my-blood and bone-of-my-bone in the time-traveling Claire? The 18th century Highlands’ most eligible bachelor would still be single and ready to mingle, that’s what.

Refusing under any circumstances to believe in any world—fictional or otherwise—where the L word/She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named might end up with our delicious hero, I decided it was time to offer the lad our meddling modern-day help. After all, if we’re going to force the 18th century King of Men to fit into a 21st century mold of man, he might as well enjoy the fruits of the Interwebs and our dating-via-gadgets technology. It’s worked for millions, so why not Jamie? Ergo, I give you the online dating profile for one James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

First things first. I needed to determine which dating site best suited our Jamie. Incidentally, did you know that there are more than 2,500 online dating services online in the U.S. alone, with some estimates putting the worldwide competition at close to 8,000 different sites? Whoa, the mind reels.

Jamie on eHarmony? Nah, he wouldn’t have the money to afford that service. Tinder? Please, our Jamie is a [mostly] monogamous creature. That’s out. ChristianMingle.com? Um, he might be a virgin, but he’s not a monk. The man said so himself. Farmers Only? Catchy jingle, but too obvious. Besides, our Jamie needs a woman who offers the equal to his Renaissance Man qualities.

Match.Com. Boom. Winner winner, screw-the-chicken-I’ll-have-Jamie-dinner! And so will whatever lucky lady responds to this modern-day mating call . . .

What would you add to Jamie’s dating profile?
Do you think more of our Outlander pals need one too? 

Source: OCB