Written by: Blake Larsen

Mary and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor Graham McTavish (Dougal MacKenzie) on Outlander Cast.  We interviewed Graham for the podcast and Outlander Cast Blog as part of our #Gonelander series — a celebration of all the actors and characters from Outlander who we fell in love with but who won’t be part of the story in Voyager and beyond. You can find the audio interview here.

But as we’ve done in the past, we wanted to bring you an exclusive to the blog exploring personal questions with Graham that were not included the original interview. Read on to find out more about Graham McTavish the person, including his favorite show, guilty pleasure, celebrity crush and much more.

Outlander Cast: Beer or whisky?

Graham McTavish: Whisky
OC: What’s your favorite kind?

GM: Hmm . . . I would probably say Ardbeg is a big one.  Or, Highland Park.

OC: Favorite Food?

GM: Oh, I would say—yeah—fish. Anything fish-related.  So, Sushi is a great sort of national cuisine I like but, yes, fish.  I eat A LOT of fish.

OC:  Favorite television show?

GM: Oh gosh that’s really hard! Well, current ones—I’ve enjoyed The Americans.  I’ve really enjoyed that.  I’ve also enjoyed watching a great British show called Happy Valley.  I don’t watch as much as I should.  But for movies, I just went to see Dunkirk for the second time. Fantastic.  That is a great movie.

OC: Last song you listened to in the car or on an .mp3 player?

GM:  Oh god.  What was the last one? Well it sounds a bit poncy, but Elgar’s Nimrod Suite.

OC: Best success you’ve ever had?

GM: Well I’d say having my children. Yeah, that would be it.

OC: Biggest regret?

GM: Oh gosh, not talking more to my dad than I did. Yeah.

OC: Guilty pleasure?

GM: I love chocolate. Too much.

OC: Celebrity crush?

GM: Oh the woman in Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot. I don’t normally have them.  But she managed to get to me.

OC: Who would win in a fight, you or Sam Heughan?

GM: (laughs) Oh jeez, I’m pretty vicious. He’s very strong. Much stronger than me.  But I’m pretty damn vicious. I don’t know if he’d fight as dirty as I would.

OC: One thing not a lot of people know about you?
GM: I love to draw.

OC: What’s the top item on your bucket list?
GM: Ohhh . . . visiting Antarctica would be up there.

OC: This comes from my love of 24—who’s a bigger badass, Dougal Mackenzie or Jack Bauer?
GM: (laughs) Well I had a t-shirt that was given to me when I was on that show and on it, it says, “If you woke up this morning, it’s because Jack Bauer spared your life.” So I kind of relate to that. And let’s face it—Jack has access to automatic weapons. So it’s gonna be unfair. But you know, I’d give a good go at it.

This is an excerpt from the Outlander Cast interview with Graham McTavish that was recorded exclusively for Outlander Cast Blog readers.

To hear the rest of the interview, you can find the audio interview here. 

Source: OCB