Are you in a workout rut? A Peaker who’s fallen off the exercise wagon? Not to worry. Outlander—specifically the PRINT SHOP episode—could be exactly the motivation you need.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves feeling like we’re at the bottom of a sludgy pit. And we can’t crawl out. If only someone would reach down and pull us out….

That’s unlikely. There’s no one to “save me.” I’m accountable for me. For my actions, or inactions, as the case may be.

your mojo back, Outlander Print shop

But I think I’ve found a way to get motivated, and stay motivated for just the right amount of time I need to make it a good life habit. I’m going to motivate myself to work out. Now, I’m a Peaker (My Peak Challenge), and if you think all of us are gung-ho all the time (even with all of that workout/nutrition advice and community support), you’re kidding yourself.

your mojo back, Outlander Print shop


I’ve tried many different things to “shake it up,” but this idea HAS to stick. First, there IS evidence it works (I’m a researcher so I demand THIS!). Second, it is so darn easy. Stupid easy.

This is how it works:

1. Pick your favourite/most desired TV show*. (Duh, I wonder what that is?)
2. Only ever watch it while you work out (or fold laundry, wash the floors, organize bills, etc..).

(*also applies to podcasts)

So, from now until mid-December, no more Outlander—TV show, podcast, books, whatever—including all the dozen or more repeats I usually squeeze in unless I work out while I’m watching/listening. (not before, not after, but during the show….).


I am starting now. Why? Two worlds collided. It’s October, a hard month for me as it is. And, the next episode of Outlander is The. Most. Coveted. and I WILL DO ANYTHING TO WATCH IT.

your mojo back, Outlander Print shop

Photo credit: Aimee Spinks/ Courtesy of Sony Picture Television

My love of all things Outlander is going to help me re-train my brain. Once those lovely chemicals start sending some positive signals to my brain, (by about episode 313), then I can separate the two tasks….

NOW IS THE TIME. I’m pulling out all the stops. No more EXCUSES.

your mojo back, Outlander Print shop

I over-fulfilled on my non-physical challenges (scriptwriting), because I love completing those tasks. But, it came at the expense of my physical ones. WELL, NO LONGER! I’m BUNDLING workouts/tasks with…..

42 episodes of Outlander– Starz, Netflix, W-Network. (airing by December)

97 Outlander Cast Podcasts (w/Mary and Blake)

42 Starz production Podcasts (Ron D. Moore, Matt. B. Roberts, Toni Graphia, Maril Davis)

+ a boat load of… other podcasts—there are a ton to choose from—and gorgeous videos (like Julia LeBlanc’s).

I have no excuse not to keep my brain occupied with something I love, while completing something I hate. And on top of that, bundling these two things together will positively reinforce them, forever more.

So here I go… Now’s the time.

         Do you have things you need to get done? Are you coming along for the ride, too? Let’s motivate each other—as we watch Outlander, of course.


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