Outlander Lessons: Why The World Needs More Goat Ladies (and Mamacitas)

Yes, Outlander features strong female friendships. But Claire’s triumphs also rely on women helping women with no strings attached, women like the Goat Lady and Mamacita. Outlander is the gift that keeps on giving. Each time [...]

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7 Scenes We Hope We See in Outlander Season 4

As Outlander fans anxiously await the Outlander Season 4 premiere on STARZ Nov. 4, we take a look at the top scenes from the Drums of Autumn that we hope make it from page to [...]

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New York Comic Con Master Class Panel with Outlander Showrunner Ronald D. Moore

New York Comic Con was a cornucopia for Outlander fans, including a master class panel with Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore. Here’s what Ron shared about his move from outer space to Outlander. Outlander fans [...]

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15 Reasons to Rewatch Outlander Season 2

For many fans Outlander Season 2 was the season to forget. But now that we’ve seen Season 3, here are 15 reasons to rewatch Outlander Season 2. When Outlander Season 2 ended, I was worried. [...]

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How They Made It: Sourdough Spice Cake on Fraser’s Ridge

As we transition from Scotland to America in Outlander Season 4, it seems appropriate to create a recipe that could be found on Fraser’s Ridge. In this “How They Made It,” we take a look [...]

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All in the Name of Outlander: An Outlander Fan on her Highlanders 3 Experience

Whether it’s attending a con or meeting up with strangers who’ve become friends through Outlander, the book and show has changed many fans’ lives. Erika Schmale shares her experience at the Highlanders 3 con. Like [...]

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A Frank Postmortem: It’s Not Him, It’s Me

Love him or hate him, Frank Randall was an integral character in the first three seasons of Outlander. Nikki Gastineau details why hating Frank comes easily for her.  I  have no love for Frank; zero, [...]

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The Scotland Diaries, Part 2: Visiting Scotland’s Outer Hebrides and More

Interested in visiting Scotland‘s outer islands? This post on the Outer Hebrides, Northern Isles and West Coast can help you plan your trip. In my last post, I took you to Scotland’s magnificent inner Hebrides. [...]

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Why I’ll Love Outlander Season 4 No Matter What (With a Few Exceptions)

Outlander fans everywhere have an opinion on what may or may not happen in Season 4. Here’s why I’ll likely  love Outlander Season 4 no matter what… Outlander book lovers who also love the show have [...]

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Take a Virtual Tour of the Outlander Season 3 Costume Exhibit

Can’t make it to LA for the 12th Annual Art of Television Costume Design Exhibition? Take our virtual tour of the Outlander Season 3 costume exhibit. Obsessenachs, if you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, [...]

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Seeing Outlander: “We’re Waulking Wool” at the Highland Folk Museum

Highland Folk Museum played an important role in filming Outlander Season 1. We take you for a behind-the-scenes look in our periodic Seeing Outlander series. So, what do you do when your Aussie BFF turns [...]

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How They Made It: Making Cranachan with Mrs. Graham

Welcome to our occasional series, “How They Made It.” We’re clinging to the final days of summer and its plentiful array of fresh berries by making Cranachan with Mrs. Graham.   Ah summer…lazy long days, high [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Scottish Highland Games

Wondering if you should attend a Scottish Highland Games? Here’s our top 10 list of reasons why you should consider getting your ticket right now! If you’ve ever been to a Scottish Highland Games event [...]

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When TV Worlds Collide: Outlander Writer Anne Kenney’s New Project

Outlander writer Anne Kenney talks about her new writing project — bringing to life the story of the Eureka Stockade in Australia. Like the Battle of Culloden, this story is also about a rebellion that [...]

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Outlander Conventions: How to Pick the Right One for You

With more Outlander conventions cropping up each year, it’s hard to know what convention would work best for you and your style. Outlander Cast breaks down the different types so you can pick the best [...]

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Seeing Outlander: “You’re Tearing My Guts Out Claire”

Roslin Glen Country Park played a prominent role in Outlander as the Scottish park where parts of “The Reckoning” in Season One  were shot. We take you for a behind-the-scenes look. Maybe you’ve been to Scotland [...]

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Seeing Outlander: “You’re Tearing My Guts Out, Claire”

Roslin Glen Country Park played a prominent role in Outlander as the Scottish park where parts of “The Reckoning” in Season One were shot. We take you for a behind-the-scenes look. Maybe you’ve been to Scotland [...]

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The New Oscars: You Either Die A Hero Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain

  Amidst declining ratings, waning interest, and enough self seriousness to fill the grand canyon, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were forced to self evaluate and make some well needed (if not controversial) decisions about the most popular event in the film industry – The Academy Awards.  […]

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Who’s Your Daddy? A Look at Surrogate Parenting in Outlander

Is surrogate parenting in Outlander one of its many themes? Absolutely. Here’s a closer look at who’s parenting whom in Diana Gabaldon’s popular series. Diana Gabaldon’s story crafting tugs on my heartstrings, boosts my endorphins [...]

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Why Outlander Isn’t The Same Without Ira Steven Behr

Writers can make or break a TV show, and change up the vibe of a show from season to season. Outlander has had its share of writer turnover. We look at the impact of losing [...]

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The Scotland Diaries: Scottish Isles Part 1—The Inner Hebrides

Love Scotland? Anne Gavin shares her latest Scotland Diaries adventure, this time on Scotland’s many beautiful islands. First up: The Inner Hebrides. I returned to Scotland in May of 2018 with several goals in mind. [...]

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Dear Outlander Crew: Thank You Terry Dresbach

A TV show can have a wonderful plot and actors but if the costumes fall short, so, too, will the show itself. As Outlander costume designer Terry Dresbach announces that Season 4 will be her [...]

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How They Made It: Baking Bannocks in Outlander at Castle Leoch

Welcome to our occasional series, “How They Made It.” We’re baking bannocks the way Mrs. Fitz in Outlander would, then updating them to the present day. I had never heard of bannocks prior to discovering [...]

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Outlander and the Emmys: And the Nomination Goes to…Someone Else

Outlander and the Emmys: Fans everywhere have opinions about why this beloved show deserves all the awards. Here’s a realistic look at why we should prepare ourselves for some disappointment.  Let me start with this [...]

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What Outlander Season 3 Taught Me About Life

Outlander is more than a wonderful read and/or fantastic TV series. It’s also full of important life lessons. Here are a few Outlander Season 3 life lessons. Which ones resonate for you? Last year on [...]

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