In addition to their own shows, Mary and Blake have appeared on a host of other podcasts!  Below you will find each appearance they have made along with the subject next to it.  As always, this list is ever changing and ever growing!  Please come back often to see our next appearance!


So Let’s Get To The Point Podcast: Episode 3.57 – Mary and Blake discuss the movie, Prometheus, and the living legacy of Damon Lindelof with host Kenn Edwards and Paul & A.J. of the Gobbledygeek Podcast

Better Talk Saul -The Breaking Bad Awards: (Part 1)(Part 2), (Part 3), + Marco (season 1 finale) – Mary & Blake join host Dylan Schuck and his rotating panel of guests to talk about the hit AMC show, “Better Call Saul.”

The Outlander Podcast: Episode 84 – Mary & Blake join an Avengers style roundtable podcast with Lani Diane Rich and Alistair Stephens of The Scot and The Sassenach and Summer + Ginger of The Outlander Podcast to talk about season 1a, 1b, and the future of Outlander on Starz.

The Podcast Producers – Mary & Blake join hosts Jessica Rhodes and Corey Coates in their venture to really get in the mindset, mechanics, design and motivations of podcasters and the ‘casts they create.  It’s an exceptional look at what podcasting is, it’s origins, where it’s going, what it takes, and the art behind the science. Want to know how Mary & Blake got started? Here’s your chance. Here is the full “Raw and Un-Edited” version of the interview.

The Guilty Remnant Podcast: The Leftovers MegaCast – Mary & Blake join Dylan Schuck and Tiffany Tomaszewski in an epic final mail bag ‘cast after the finale of the hit show, “The Leftovers” on HBO.

“8 Simple Rules For Becoming an ‘Outlander’ Podcaster by Ethan Alter – Mary & Blake talk about podcasting for Outlander and what it takes to become a podcaster.

Film Schlubs – Blake joins hosts Dylan Schuck and Brian Davids to talk about various films like: Ant-Man, Fant4stic, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Black Mass

The Podcast Engineering Show: Episode: 001 – Mary and Blake join Chris Curran, a professional sound engineer and founder of the Podcast Engineering School, to talk about all the ins and outs of what it makes to make a GREAT sounding podcast.

All About Breastfeeding: Episode: 024 – Mary joins host Lori to talk all about the hard work, triumphs, failures, and complications of breast feeding her children.

The Leftovers With Jay And Jack: The Leftovers Ultra Cast – Mary and Blake join  Jay and Jack, as well as Dylan Schuck and Tiffany Tomaszewski of The Guilty Remnant Podcast to talk about the entirety of season 2 of The Leftovers