Create The Podcast You’ve Always Wanted

The online content world is the newest and most effective tool in reaching a targeted, engaged, and captive audience. If you have something to say but don’t have the equipment or the resources to get it out to the masses, we can help.  Given our built-in audience, hardware, and field knowledge, we can take away some of the responsibility of growing your creation! Hundreds of thousands of people already enjoy our content. So we understand how  you want your content read or heard by as many people as possible. We want that too. We want people who are hungry to entertain and inform and we can help expose you to all the ears and eyes the online world has to offer.
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Join Our Network

Reach the audience you desire immediately.

What Do You Get?

When you join you will receive promotion, advice and expertise in the creation and maintenance of your online content and an immediate captive audience.

Create A Podcast

Leave The Technical Stuff To Us

What Do You Get?

Don’t know how to get your show off the ground? We can set up the podcast for you!  Tell us what you want and we’ll create it. All you have to do is create your own content!

Rent Our Studio

Sound Like A Professional Instantly

What Do You Get?

Don’t buy all the expensive equipment. If you live in or near Rhode Island and need a professional place to record your show, voiceovers, or auditions, we are here to help.

Consultation Services

Let Us Help You Get Off The Ground

What Do You Get?

Building a show and a captive audience is very hard work. We want to help you build what you desire with our proven methods of show running and social media strategy.

Sound Treatment

Want That Deep NPR Sound?

What Do You Get?

Do you have a voiceover, audition, or show that you want to sound just like those full bodied NPR programs but don’t know how to do it? We can help. Let us treat your sound file for you!

Here’s How It Works

We offer 5 platform-based services, which include, Network Membership, Studio Rental, Podcast Creation, Sound Treatment,  and Consultation.  Here is an introduction and a quick overview of each of these services.