Outlander Cast

A show dedicated to the hit television series, Outlander, on Starz.

Hosted ByMary & Blake Larsen

Here, you will dive into 1743 Scottish Highlands with Mary & Blake in a completely spoiler-free fashion. Mary has read the books while Blake is only a show watcher.  We discuss, analyze, interpret and even criticize all things related to the show and include as much listener feedback as possible.  Be on the look out our favorite moments of the show and also the insanely popular “Outlandish Theory of the Week.” While in season, it is a weekly show.  Out of season, it is primarily produced on a monthly basis.

All Episodes

Outlander Cast: Both Sides Now

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the eighth episode of “Outlander,” entitled, “Both Sides Now.”

Outlander Cast: The Wedding

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the seventh episode of, “Outlander,” entitled, “The Wedding.”  

Outlander Cast: The Garrison Commander – Episode 8

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the sixth episode of “Outlander,” entitled, “The Garrison Commander.”

Outlander Cast: Rent – Episode 7

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the fifth episode of “Outlander,” entitled, “Rent.”