Off Ramp – Episode 22 – The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders With Mary & Blake


Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.03 of The Leftovers entitled, “Off Ramp.”  In this episode you’ll learn all about: Virgil, the buddha on the computer may not be what you think it is, rape scenes in television, the difference between exposing the GR and taking down the GR, why Laurie’s not getting the mother of the year award, shades of season 1 cropping up again, Whiplash,  Felicity’s first real appearance, more David Burton, depression, more honey badgers, and much more.

Off Ramp

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7 comments on “Off Ramp – Episode 22 – The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders With Mary & Blake

  1. Melanie Bass says:

    Wow! Once again enjoyed your podcast and really look forward to this every week! I am so glad to hear you share about it taking 3 episodes to introduce everyone and what is going on with them, along with their perspectives….We needed this big-time! And when Mary talks about her theory about "off ramp" and what she sees and how she got there, I yelled 'YES"!!

  2. BlakeLarsen says:

    Thanks Melanie! I am so happy that you are enjoying! Yes, Mary totally caught me off guard with that theory about Off Ramp. Is there anything else we can do to make this a better listening experience for you?

  3. I wonder if Damon said it was "the beginning of something" with respect to Meg and Tommy, because with the rape, Meg was actually intending to get pregnant.
    THAT would be an ultimate revenge. THAT would DEEPLY entangle things.

    Blonde woman's name was Susan. And Carl and i talked about the Any Day Now note and her decision to end it all as her attempt to end the fear and pain by taking control of the day that the end would come. Her life does feel false and absurd. She IS suffering from post traumatic stress and severe depression so the decisions shes making are not sound but in the suicide there IS an element of taking control back. SHE will decide the day they depart. She will decide for the first time since the departure.

  4. In other words it's not a reaction, the suicide. It's an action. It's not an I can't take it anymore. It's an I can take it back and make this happen. That's what I was working with anyway. A kind of resignation in power.

  5. Sorry…i played Susan, by the way. In case that wasn't clear. ;')

  6. Heather – first let me say how honored we are that you listened to the show. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help entertain and inform from our perspective.

    Secondly, your depiction of Susan (sorry that I forgot the name, I feel so stupid now) was real, perfectly pitched and heartbreaking. I saw in your performance a lot of what happened with my wife in her post partum depression.

    Thirdly – thank you for letting us in on your discussion with Carl Franklin. I never thought of Susan's actions being her way to finally take control of the situation. Excellent insight and you can be sure we will include that next week.

    I'd be honored if you kept listening each week 😉


  7. I'm a little long to reply here, LOL. I'm just now seeing this. Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope you all are well. 🙂

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