This Is Us Too: Sometimes


Outlander Cast: The False Bride

Outlander Podcast Hosts Mary & Blake discuss Outlander episode 4.03, “The False Bride”. In this episode, we chat why Mary nerds out on [...]

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Outlander Cast: Do No Harm – Listener Feedback

Outlander Podcast Hosts Mary & Blake discuss everything YOU had to say about Outlander episode 4.02, “Do No Harm”. In this episode, Blake [...]

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Wicked Rhody: (11/16 – 11/18)

Wicked Rhody podcast hosts Mary and Ben discuss Rhode Island life, ideas, events, and stuff to do for the week of November 16th.   [...]

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This Is Us Too: Sometimes

  This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about This Is Us episode 3.06  – “Sometimes” […]

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Outlander Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: The False Bride

Want to relive Outlander Season 4 Episode 3? We do a minute-by-minute reaction to “The False Bride.”  Do you find yourself gabbing obsessively about Outlander to your friends and family? Wishing your Sunday nights included a living room [...]

How Outlander Made Me Rethink Ancestry & Slavery

Outlander’s “Do No Harm” offered a glimpse into the horrors of slavery. Nikki Gastineau ponders how Outlander made her rethink ancestry and slavery.  Season 4 of Outlander feels intensely personal. Maybe it’s just my current mood or [...]

How They Made It: Praline Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving in Boston

Welcome to “How They Made It,” our series exploring the food and drink of Outlander. With Thanksgiving right around the corner in the U.S., we take a look at one possible dessert for your table…Praline [...]

Outlander Season 4: How to Cope with Not Being in Scotland Anymore

This much is clear in the opening of Outlander Season 4: We’re not in Scotland anymore. Blogger Anne Gavin shares her feelings about that and how she reconciles the loss of Outlander‘s Scotland-based storyline. The [...]