A show dedicated to new parents, new babies, and their new lives together.

Hosted ByMary & Blake Larsen

ParentCast: A Podcast For New Parents

You’ve gone through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and now you’re ready to go home and begin life with your baby. Once home, though, you might feel like you have no idea what you’re doing!

Congratulations on your new role and welcome to motherhood (or fatherhood)! It comes naturally for some, more slowly for others. Here you’ll get answers to all those new parent questions on life after baby including how to cope with sleep deprivation, how to lose the baby weight, how to deal with new parent emotions, and more.

Despite mountains of baby books that suggest otherwise, it’s impossible to know exactly what to expect when you have a kid. Parenthood comes with all sorts of surprises no one thinks to warn you about

Being a parent is hard and sometimes it sucks. But, it’s worth it.

Do you want to see the behind-the-scenes- inner workings of Mary & Blake’s insane lives? Here is your chance.

This is a weekly show, and is a completely judgement free zone where parents can talk about their triumphs, their failures, or if they just want to vent.

ParentCast: A Podcast For New Parents is free, it’s funny, and it’s a lot better than therapy.

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Baby Led Weaning – Episode 4

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss “Baby-Led Weaning” with Gill Rapley, co-author of the book, Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods – and Helping Your Baby to...

The Top Ten Things People Swear They’ll Never Do Until They Have Kids – Episode 3

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Car Seat Safety – Episode 2

Hosts Mary and Blake discuss Car Seat Safety with the leading Car Seat Safety Expert in Rhode Island, Dina Morrissey. Learn why placing your child correctly in a car...

Premiere – Episode 1

Meet the hosts Mary & Blake Larsen. Listen to the hosts discuss the show’s concept, structure, and Mary’s shocking confession. Subscribe: (AAC) | Download.mp3 | Like Us On Facebook...