Bridgerton with Mary & Blake: A Bridgerton Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the hit Netflix and Shondaland Media television show, Bridgerton.

Hosted ByMary & Blake Larsen

Bridgerton With Mary & Blake is dedicated to the hit TV show from NETFLIX and Shondaland Media, Bridgerton.

In Bridgerton with Mary & Blake, Bridgerton podcast hosts Mary and Blake dive in head first on character, theme, favorite moments, production, predictions and every facet you can think of for Bridgerton on Netflix.

We have not read the books, and are podcasting this show one episode at a time.  So this is a spoiler free podcast!

We firmly believe in the separation of book and show.  While we do invite book knowledge, we are analyzing this story from the television show on its own accord.

Show Synopsis: Bridgerton is an American period drama streaming television series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is based on Julia Quinn‘s bestselling novels set in the competitive world of Regency London high society‘s Ton during the season, when debutantes are presented at court. The series premiered on December 25, 2020, on Netflix.

The drama centers on the Bridgerton family, consisting of Lady Violet; her four sons, Anthony, Benedict, Colin and Gregory; and her four daughters, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca and Hyacinth. Also featured are the Featheringtons, consisting of Lady Portia; her husband the Baron; and their three daughters, Philippa, Prudence and Penelope.

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A Quick Note From M&B About Future Queen Charlotte Episodes & Where To Find Them

Mary & Blake discuss future episodes of Queen Charlotte for Mary & Blake Media and where to find them.

Queen Charlotte: 1.01 – A Queen To Be

Mary & Blake discuss Queen Charlotte 1.01- “The Queen To Be”.

In this episode, we chat about why the show doesn’t care about what you think about it’s historical accuracy and why thats a good thing, why the character Queen Charlotte is very different, but also very much the same in both timelines, and Mary has a fantastic prediction about the royal family within the Bridgerton-verse. 

#NERDCLAN PREVIEW | Keep Calm And Crown On: 5.01 – “Queen Victoria Syndrome” (SEASON 5 PREMIERE)

Keep Calm And Crown On Hosts Mary & Blake chat the season 5 premiere of The Crown – episode 5.01, “Queen Victoria Syndrome”.

We discuss the dramatic irony of watching these events with Prince Charles against reality of King Charles, why the casting is perfect, and why Tom Hanks is the closest thing to an American version of the Queen…

Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: 2.08 – “The Viscount Who Loved Me” | SEASON 2 FINALE

Mary & Blake discuss Bridgerton: 2.08 – “The Viscount Who Loved Me”.

In this episode, we chat why it’s always important for a character to reject change at the last minute, the artistic choice to have Penelope’s actual voice, and Blake dropped allllllll the waterworks from this episode….

Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: 2.07 – “Harmony”

Mary & Blake discuss Bridgerton: 2.07 – “Harmony”.

In this episode, we chat the art of the cliffhanger, and odd turn for Violet, and why you absolutely cannot go without a positional prop pillow…

Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: 2.06 – “The Choice”

Mary & Blake discuss Bridgerton: 2.06 – “The Choice”.

In this episode, we chat why we need to invest in Edwina in order to actually HAVE a choice, a literal magical moment in time, and why Portia Featherington always goes home and listens to Queen Of The Night by Whitney Houston…

Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: 2.05 – “An Unthinkable Fate”

Mary & Blake discuss Bridgerton: 2.05 – “An Unthinkable Fate”.

In this episode, we chat the concept of “magnetism” in characters, a truly remarkable scene between Sharma Sharma and Anthony, and why Mary couldn’t help but channel her 13 year old self…

Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: 2.04 – “Victory”

Bridgerton podcast hosts Mary & Blake discuss Bridgerton: 2.04 – “Victory”.

In this episode, we chat the writers winking at the viewers with dramatic irony, why the whole Marina subplot needs to go away, and why Lady Featherington is ABSOLUTELY a Slytherin…

Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: 2.03 – “A Bee In Your Bonnet”

Bridgerton podcast hosts Mary & Blake discuss Bridgerton: 2.03 – “A Bee In Your Bonnet”.

In this episode, we chat theme vs. anti-theme, how relationships are key to character, and why Mary freaks out when our cat sneezes…