What is Mary & Blake Media

 Mary & Blake Media is a online media content company created by Mary Larsen, with her husband, Blake Larsen, in November of 2012.

We’re just two people who fell madly in love at first sight.  Honestly.  We met, got married, had a kid, and just happen to work really well together.  We have ups, downs, and everything in between just like any other married couple on this planet.

Our Story

Mary was a television host of The Rhode Show (a local version of the Today Show for Rhode Island), and when she discovered she was pregnant with our first child, Rhys, she went in search of all child related content.  But, she didn’t find anything that suited her needs.  She wanted a website or resource where moms could be honest about their lives, share their triumphs and failures, and not feel like they have to live into this “super-mom” stereotype.  So, she created Tall Mom Tiny Baby – her personal blog that would serve content that she craved but also wanted to share.

From there, once date nights had become few and far between because of their colicky son, both Mary & Blake needed to find something they could do together other than just watch movies or TV.  With the same concept of Tall Mom tiny baby in mind, they stuck their toes into the world of podcasting and created ParentCast – a podcast dedicated to new parents, new babies, and their new lives together.
By listening to ParentCast, people could hear both Mary & Blake’s perspectives on parenting, special guest experts in their respective fields regarding babies and children, and listeners could get a behind-the-scenes look in Mary & Blake’s circus of a life.
Bitten by the podcast bug, and realizing they were actually pretty good at it, Mary & Blake turned their dining room of their small apartment in Providence, RI into a makeshift podcast studio.
They added The Living Reminders and Outlander Cast to their stable of shows and Mary & Blake Media began running at full steam.


Now with over a hundred thousand readers and listeners, Mary and Blake have built their own podcast studio, have many employees, and provide quality entertainment on a daily basis.



Our Goal

To create content that is:

 *Authentic *Entertaining *Informative *Intellectually challenging/stimulating

 *A source of familiarity, honesty, and friendship