Launching A Podcast

Launching A Podcast

We’ll guide you from being a complete novice to broadcasting your inaugural episode.  When launching a podcast with us, expect clear objectives, designing your show’s structure, selecting suitable equipment, creating captivating cover art and music, crafting a compelling show trailer, and devising a marketing strategy. 

Launching A Podcast & Podcast Consulting Services

How To Start With Mary & Blake

No more guessing when it comes to launching your podcast. Our Podcast Launch program was designed for people and businesses who have no idea where to start.

Podcast PLanning & launching a podcast

Planning & Preparation

We'll comprehensively address your podcast vision, encompassing overarching goals, episode duration preferences, and content frequency, culminating in the collaborative development of a distinct brand identity covering show title, description, intro, outro, disclaimer, and trailer elements.

Podcast Audio And Visual Design & Launching A podcast

Audio & Visuals

Whether your audience leans towards audio-only content or enjoys watching hosts interact, ensure each episode boasts high-quality production, including intro music and commercial beds, complemented by recognizable podcast artwork designed to captivate existing and new listeners.

Podcast Launch & Launching A podcast

Launching The Show

We provide comprehensive guidance to help you determine the most suitable podcast hosting platform, offering insights into options like Libsyn or Captivate. We'll meticulously configure and submit your show's RSS feed to an array of directories, ensuring widespread visibility across platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and beyond.

Podcast Tech Support & Launching A Podcast


Becoming a successful podcaster extends beyond the mere creation of content on a consistent basis; it hinges on the careful consideration, including the selection and deployment of high-quality cameras and microphones, the implementation of recording best practices, and a coherent and engaging direction for the show's overarching themes.

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On the free 30 minute consultation you will review your goals with a member of our team and discover how we are helping our clients drive their branded podcasts.