About Us​

Mary & Blake Media is an award-winning independent media empire that records and produces podcasts about TV Shows all year long. Mary & Blake are focused on producing and developing content that is highly informative, highly entertaining, and of a high production quality.

Created in 2012, Mary & Blake Media was a pipe dream for married couple Mary & Blake Larsen. They saw a need for a fresh take in the entertainment universe, so they bought some mics, built a studio, and went to work.  

They have since been nominated for, or won, more than 40 industry and podcasting awards. As a result, Mary & Blake Media stands brightly among some of the largest entertainment podcasts in the world.

Our Mission

The goal is to craft content that embodies authenticity, entertaining and informative qualities, and intellectual stimulation. It should serve as a reliable source of familiarity, honesty, and companionship, fostering a sense of connection and trust with the audience.

Our Services

Podcast Consulting Services

Through our podcast consulting services, we can help you produce, edit, launch, and market your podcast.

Podcast Editing Services

Our podcast editing service includes 20 years of expert podcast production services, and 20 years of unparalleled SEO mastery

Launching A Podcast

We’ll guide you from being a complete novice to broadcasting your inaugural episode.

Podcast Audit Services

We will ensure your show is strategically positioned to resonate with your audience, guaranteeing top-notch audio and production quality, as well as comprehensive promotion across all relevant platforms.