Outlander Cast: Top Five Favorite Jamie Moments Of Season 4

Outlander Podcast Hosts Mary & Blake discuss their top five favorite Jamie moments, and one eyeroll moment for him in season 4.

In this episode, we chat staying true to the established character, why our top choice may surprise you, and why Claire may have peed at one point…

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3 comments on “Outlander Cast: Top Five Favorite Jamie Moments Of Season 4

  1. Barb says:

    Wow guys amqzing takes on some fantastic moments Sam is just such an amazeballs actor my top 5 is 5) the medical box gift forc24th wedding anniversary , 4) the foolish regret scene 3) the tent scene and 2) murtagh reunion 1) bree reunion tiedcwith Willie meet that willie scene is actually my fave scene in book also the ring and tub scene


    La 1, con diferencia, la despedida entre Jamie, Clarie e Ian. Es brutalmente buena.
    2. Cuando intenta que Brianna se dé cuenta de que no hubiera podido defenderse de su violador.
    3. La entrega del nuevo anillo a Claire.
    4. El encuentro con Murthag.

  3. Stephanie Neighbors says:

    Craving anything I can find about Outlander! Thanks for providing, I’m sure from your own li love of the show!

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