The Pool

This Is Us Too: 4.02 – “The Pool: Part Two”

This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about This Is Us episode 4.02  – “The Pool: Part Two”.

In this episode, Blake chats about wanting his kids to grow too quickly, we break down Toby’s workout choices, and the visual growth of This Is Us…

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This Is Us Too: 1.04 – “The Pool”

This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake discuss This Is Us Season 1 episode 4: The Pool. 

In this episode Mary tells a personal story she’s never mentioned to anyone in her life before, why we dive deep into the theme of fulfillment, the great use of the song: “Someday Soon,” why Mary is totally Kevin, the surprise emotional anchor of this episode, finally being happy with a strong story with no manipulative reveal and much more!

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