Hosts Mary and Blake discuss Car Seat Safety with the leading Car Seat Safety Expert in Rhode Island, Dina Morrissey. Learn why placing your child correctly in a car seat is a lot harder than you think, why Mary and Blake aren’t fit to have a child in their home, and why a having a Tuba in your car is NEVER a good idea. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:
  • Interview with Dina Morrissey, Program Coordinator, Injury Coalition for Kids of Providence.
  • 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly
  • What is the difference between a bucket seat and a convertible car seat?
  • What should a grandparent or someone who occasionally drives the child around purchase?
  • Do we always have to purchase a new car seat, or can we borrow one from friend or family, or purchase one online – like through craigslist?
  • Do car seats expire?
  • What is the latch system, and what is the difference between that and the seatbelt?
  • What is the most common mistakes parents are making when installing car seats?
  • Where can people get their seats properly installed?
  • Are there any laws in RI about car seat safety?
  • How tight do we need to make the straps?
  • If you get in a minor car accident, does insurance will pay for a new car seat?
  • What items can be used in addition to the car seat?
  • Why are children and babies not allowed to wear winter coats in car seats?
  • What is the safest backseat position for the car seat? Behind the driver, passenger middle?
  • What kind of routine maintenance should be done with car seats?
  • Can we turn our baby around when he turns two, or do we need to wait for a certain height or weight in addition to the age?
  • What should parents be looking for when they are shopping around for a seat?
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0 comments on “Car Seat Safety – Episode 2

  1. Thanks for all the tips! Important info to keep our kids safe!

  2. Andria M. says:

    This episode was AMAZING! I actually took a bunch of notes for when 'it's time' and I sent a link for my inlaws to check it out too. SO much information on here – overwhelming but all so important!!

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