Hosts Mary and Blake discuss the Listener Topic!  That’s right, you guys voted on it and we’re delving right into how people with kids can maintain relationships with people who don’t have kids.  In this episode, you’ll learn why Mary is Playboy hott, why being friends with kidless people is a lot of pointed hard work,  why something Blake says in this episode will piss off literally half the world, and why there has been 274 straight days of agonizing torture in house Larsen.

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Show Notes:


Mary’s Playboy centerfold picture:


Parent Picks:

Blake: Take a picture of your kid at least once every other week and archive it.

Mary:  Go out with a friend and thank them for sticking by you during your transition into parenthood.

14 comments on “Tips On How To Keep Friends With Kids And No Kids – Episode 16

  1. I lost most of my friends with no kids once I Had mine, but at that point, we didn;t have much in common anyways.

  2. I agree with Masshole, once I started having children I found out who my real friends are and started losing a lot of friends. But oh well, who needed them anyway!

  3. Tiffany says:

    I am one of the many who only really has mommy friends now. But my situation is a bit different in that I moved to a new place not too long before I had my son, so I now naturally gravitate to other moms. But it is harder to hang out with your non-mommy friends once you have kids.

  4. Kung Phoo says:

    We lost a bunch of friends because we were the first married and first to have kids.. but i guess they weren't really friends.

  5. Anna L says:

    we moved a couple times when we started having kids so it was only natural to make new friends with kids

  6. I agree that staying friends with couples without kids is hard. We still love our friends without kids, but we just move in different circles and have different focuses now.

  7. You have friends after having children?!?!

    Props lol

    Stopping by to say hi and "ow! Ow!" over the rollers picture lol…from the Dish


  8. I haven't experienced this, but I think I'm the perfect friend with no kids for someone with kids to have. I don't expect much out of you, and I'm dang-near antisocial in public so I won't be a demand on your time. I don't talk on the phone or stop by unannounced.

  9. I choose my friendships and associations wisely. They must be friendly to my children because my children are with me at all times. I can be friendly with someone who doesn't socialize with kids, but we won't probably be close friends.

  10. Its a transitional time…and not easy for managing friendships! So much depends on where the kid-less person is in their life and how much the friendship really means.

  11. I love my friends without kids…they are always up for getting margaritas (no one's waking them up at 7 am on a Sunday morning!). Of course, I'm only able to go for margaritas about four or five times a year, so I don't see them too often!

  12. they say that even if you are married you must have a friend who is not married this way you get a better perspective as a person. I'm glad for tips like this on learning ways to keep them

  13. My hubby and I do not have children yet. But we love to be around our friends who do and do not have kiddos. We'd love to have kids, we'll be married 7 years on July 7th 🙂 Awaiting God's timing… keeping the patience… but it gets hard because our wants and needs are trumped by God!

  14. Liz Mays says:

    It's definitely hard to be friends with anyone in a different life stage than you are. You need something in common!

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