Axis Mundi – Episode 20 – The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders With Mary & Blake


Hosts Mary and Blake discuss episode 2.01 of The Leftovers, entitled, “Axis Mundi.”  In this episode, you’ll learn all about: our brand new rating system, the new titles, that cold open, the damn cricket, dirty Santa, whether another departure really happened, the intricacies of streaking, a damn great sudden theory of the week, and much more!

Axis Mundi

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5 comments on “Axis Mundi – Episode 20 – The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders With Mary & Blake

  1. Mark says:

    One thing I don't think was covered with the cavewoman scene is the eating of the eggs from the nest. To me, the symbolism was as follows: It was nature (in the form of the eagle) basically saying, "I can take from you (in the form of the earthquake) without any cost, but still spare you because I favor you, but if you take from me (i.e. my eggs), then I'll take from you (in the form of the snake either taking your baby or your life)".

    At the same time, the spirit of humanity (in the form of the other woman taking the baby after the mother dies) perseveres, even in the light of the harshness of nature. The town of Jardin, in a more remote sense, represents this spirit of perseverance, which is why people will wait for weeks to get in, just to spend 10 hours in select parts of the National Park sporting a green (visitor) wristband. It's a scam that the authorities (the National Park Service nationally and John and his fireman friends locally), within a certain tolerance, are willing to let the locals cash in on, as evidenced by the tents set up near the courthouse. Same goes for the eccentricities seen in some of the locals.

    However, freelance psychics who ply their trade without authorization are definitely a no-go with John and his cronies, just like the green wristband visitors who "miss the bus" are a no-go with the Feds (who ironically, drive squad cars with Texas plates; something you probably wouldn't see in real life).

    What we haven't seen much of (but the characters in the show are almost certainly aware, as we've seen with Kevin's reaction to AFTEC's possible involvement in Season 1) is how the authorities manage to keep a lid on a pressure cooker, namely the sometimes extreme responses of people (especially those in cults) in light of the sudden departure. As viewers, we can sorta see the govt's attitude vis a vis the behavior of the AFTEC agents, and to a lesser extent with the officials from the Department of Sudden Departure, and now with the attitude of the park rangers from the National Park Service. At any rate, we see a Federal government that has become more statist, evidenced by the orange FSD signs outside the houses in Jardin (not sure what they represent yet) and of course by the "this is America" frustration demonstrated by the green armband overstayers getting arrested after 10 pm. But to be fair, Jardin and the greater Miracle National Park are technically administered by the Federal Government.

    The armbands colors, so far as I can tell, are as follows: yellow for property owners and their dependents (which with time, are no longer mandatory once the park rangers get to know you), white for those granted provisional sanctuary (the equivalent to a resident visa; shown on Matt's wrist), and green for visitors granted limited access for 10 hours.

  2. Caleb Pecue says:

    I truly disliked the music during the opening. I, for one, loved Max Richter's theme. Although, the opening theme wasn't my favorite of his, so I would have liked to see him make a new piece for the opening. Maybe it will grow on me.

  3. Caleb Pecue says:

    I recant, after listening, I am liking it a little more but it is still not my favorite. I think the lyrics are nice though and fitting. It's just something about the vibe of it.

  4. Mark I love your thoughts here. Especially the comparison of the Feds to John. Never thought about it like that in this context. Excellent stuff!

  5. Caleb we're in the same boat with you. Still not in love with it. But it's growing on us 😀

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