Chat w/ Damon Lindelof – Episode 37 – The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders

Hosts Mary and Blake chat with Damon Lindelof, the co-creator/ co executive producer/ showrunner of The Leftovers.

In this episode you’ll learn all about: why Blake and Mary should be in the GR, how The Leftovers came to be, Damon’s response to all the “Lefties,” what a day in the life of Damon Lindelof looks like, how writers are selected for the show, a christmas elf pitch, what season 3 definitely won’t be,  how he keeps track of everything he thinks of for the show, not doing “crazy” for “crazy’s sake,” why Kevin’s sanity is important, plus he gives a sneak peak into what could be a very intriguing portion of the third and final season and much more!

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Click Here for a full transcription of the interview with Damon

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We want to specially thank Brian Davids of the Film Schlubs Podcast who helped craft all of our questions and spent countless hours trying to drill down to what mattered most to all of us fans of The Leftovers.
Without him, this interview would not have been possible.
Please check his podcast out here:
Film Schlubs iTunes page

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