Chat w/ Director Mimi Leder – Episode 12 – The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders

Hosts Mary and Blake have an important, and informative discussion with extremely special guest and superbly talented, Mimi Leder – the director of The Leftovers finale, “The Prodigal Son Returns.”  In this episode, you’ll learn all about: how Mimi Leder came aboard The Leftovers, working closely with Damon Lindelof, demystifying the show, how she directed the infamous stoning scene in “Gladys,” how to make tonal decisions in directing, Wayne’s power, the emotionally charged Loved Ones scene with Nora, Kevin’s wish, feral dogs, Ann Dowd, Laurie and Tom’s future, and the many choices and difficulties behind the apocalyptic final act of the finale. Subscribe: iTunes | Download: (.mp3) | Mobile Play | Like Us on Facebook

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