The North Remembers: Game Of Thrones Series Finale – The Iron Throne

Hosts Mary & Blake discuss Game Of Thrones series finale episode 8.06 – “The Iron Throne”.

In this episode, we chat about the finale being competent, why it’s a strong thematic episode, the strongest imagery yet, and why Jon’s a dope.

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2 comments on “The North Remembers: Game Of Thrones Series Finale – The Iron Throne

  1. Keelin C Dawe says:

    So I give this episode a 4.5. It was completely fine by me. Sorta saw Bran on the throne or really as “King”. since there is no throne anymore. Liked Drogons revenge and melting it away. Thought that was fitting too….Here’s a thought though, based on the number of lines Bran had this episode (and the season as whole?), what is it like 2 lines with like 10 words in it each? Just curious what his pay grade is compared to all the rest…heck, I think even Podrick had more lines this whole season with the Jenny song. I think Bran is like a Euphonium (or Tuba) player in the Orchestra for every note they play they get like 10x the salary than that of the violinist who plays every thing. Right, Mary??

    Still, I think Bran as King (or whatever elected official he is now) was a fitting end. PS: They better install some handicap ramps and some elevators stat to get Bran moving around! At least his reign will make the kingdom completely ADA compliant!

    Fitting ends too for Sansa and Arya. Maybe not too exciting, but appropriate. Though towards the end, I kept getting lost in all the LOTR references, Sam writing “Here and Back again” … I mean the Song of Ice and Fire, and especially with Arya heading off on a ship “Into the West”…. I could NOT get Annie Lennox’s song out of my head!. Hoping she’ll meet up with Frodo and Gandalf. Ultimately though, I’m a romantic at heart and so wish Gendry could have gone along with her.
    And Poor Jon, he’s got no one now. Well, at least he has Ghost.

    Thanks Mary & Blake for entertaining us and for keeping us company for the past six weeks. It’s been a fun journey… Now to await the return of Outlander 🙂

  2. Christina Hogarty says:

    Love you guys so much. I have to say every time I listen to the GOT theme song.. it makes my hair stand on end. I love the part with Dany and the dragon. it made my heart melt.

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