Outlander Cast Chats About Season 4 w/Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon

Outlander Podcast Hosts Mary & Blake are once again joined by Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon to discuss season 4 and the beginnings of season 5.

In this episode, we chat with Diana about her favorite parts of season 4, her prep for season 5, the differences in working with Ron as opposed to Matt/Toni, and her thoughts on Chris Albrecht departing STARZ…

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1 comment on “Outlander Cast Chats About Season 4 w/Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon

  1. Jeri Brady says:

    I appreciate what you share with your fans. As a book reader and series-watcher I especially enjoyed the last interview with Diana Gabaldon. She shared a lot of technical and inside experience with the text and the filming. The fans view information as sweet power to better understand this phenomenon known as Outlander. Many thanks!

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