The Premiere – Episode 1 – The Leftovers Podcast: The Living Reminders


Welcome to The Leftovers Podcast Premiere – a podcast dedicated to the show The Leftovers on HBO. Join hosts Mary and Blake as they discuss the previous week’s episode, The Leftovers news and spoilers, as much Listener feedback as humanly possible, and the latest insane theory of the week.

In this episode Mary and Blake discuss the structure of this podcast, the premise of The Leftovers, the cast, production, the trailers, the difference between the show and the book upon which it is based, the Damon Lindelof controversy, the inevitable comparisons to “Lost,” the overarching themes that they believe the show will be exploring, the difference between The Rapture and whatever this show will be about, and Blake confesses to his inappropriate crush on two of the people involved with The Leftovers.

Also, Blake makes reference to the The Living Reminders Hotline on which you can leave messages for Mary and Blake.  You can find that number on the Contact Page.

Check out the “Making The Leftovers” featurette after the jump.

Thank you so much for listening to the Leftovers Podcast Premiere

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