This Is Us Too: A Hell Of A Week: Part Two


This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about This Is Us episode 4.12  – “One Hell Of A Week: Part Two”.

Blake talks about his mom’s funeral, we discuss the anchor of this mini-three part series, and we have a MAJOR debate about Dirty Dancing.

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1 comment on “This Is Us Too: A Hell Of A Week: Part Two

  1. LauraBeth says:

    As much as I don’t want to be in with 7 pounds Madison, I think it’s kind of perfect for her to be the one that gets pregnant. She is Kate’s only friend. We already know that to be good with Kevin, you have got to be good with his sister too. Also I love that they clearly did not like each other initially because that is pretty formulaic to romance novels and I think it could provide an interesting story line. He would have to learn to like her. Love the podcast, thank you for providing so much content! Have a beautiful day,

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