This Is Us Too: New York, New York, New York

This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about This Is Us episode 4.16 – “New York, New York, New York”.

In this episode, Mary chats when she knows Blake is wrong and just lets him go, Rebecca’s arc of choices, and our very bad, horrible, no good motel choices over the years.

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1 comment on “This Is Us Too: New York, New York, New York

  1. Nicolesays:

    Hello you two. I am a Outlandercast girl from ep 1 who has crossed to listen to you on This is Us Too as well. You very kindly played my listener feedback on Outlandercast on the Lallybroch ep way back when. I adore TIU and welcome your podcast each week.
    I just wanted you to know the impact you two have. I listen to an Australian podcast who recommended another podcast – Strong Songs by Kirk Hamilton who is a music teacher. So I downloaded a couple of eps and was listening in quite intently. Being a person who doesn’t play an instrument or read music, it resonates in some areas and goes over my head in others, and as I was listening to the podcast, I thought “ OMG, Mary would love this” and then I checked myself and went “Jeeez Louise, I DONT EVEN KNOW MARY!!!!!” So I just wanted to say to you BOTH…. you put yourselves out there and we feel like we know you even though I am on the other side of the world and our paths ordinarily wouldn’t cross. You share so much of yourselves and it is so very generous. Thank you for all you do and I’ll be listening to you deliver your perspective on TIU and Outlander. Much love, Nicole xxxx. (Melbourne, Australia)

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