The North Remembers: Winterfell – Season 8 Premiere


Hosts Mary & Blake discuss the Game Of Thrones season 8 premiere – episode 8.01 – “Winterfell”.

In this episode, we chat the symmetry between the pilot and this episode, Jon having to choose between being a Stark or a Targaryen, and why we were spoiled by How To Train Your Dragon…

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1 comment on “The North Remembers: Winterfell – Season 8 Premiere

  1. Bethsays:

    I’m wondering if Sersei is really pregnant. Maybe she slept with the Iron Island guy to GET pregnant. Think of all SHED gain and would probably kills him off later!!! She’s such a liar, about anything and everything, I think this was all a big lie to try to get Jamie to stay around.

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