Season 4 Finale

Keep Calm And Crown On: War (SEASON 4 FINALE) | #NERDCLAN Preview

Keep Calm And Crown On Hosts Mary & Blake chat The Crown season 4 finale – episode 4.10, “War”.

We discuss the great symmetry used to close out the language of the season, the real life drama and how we related hard to it, and we discuss the overall theme Peter Morgan may have been trying to accomplish for season 4…

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This Is Us Too: 4.18 – “Strangers : Part Two” | SEASON 5 FINALE

This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about the This Is Us season 4 finale – episode 4.18  – “Strangers: Part Two”.

Mary describes how she went full Randall on her dad, why the editing is sensational in this episode, and why Bing Crosby’s voice is like butter with bacon grease…

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