The Witcher: New Season 2 Footage Teases Some Creepy Monsters


We here at Mary & Blake Media weren’t entirely impressed by season 1 of The Witcher.  But, you have to hand it to the team behind promoting Netflix’s new upcoming season.

In what is essentially a non-descript, if not cleverly edited, set of scenes from season 1 set to the extremely underrated “Monster Mash”, they managed to sneak in some new footage a few monsters that Gerault of Rivia will be fighting in The Witcher season 2.

Not only, however, did the marketing team manage to clandestinely insert some footage of the new beasties in season 2, they also seemed to work hand-in-hand with the social media team to tease out the mini-treasures that awaited anyone who was paying attention.

On the show’s Instagram, the status read, “This is not a trick, there are two treats to be found here.”


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This is not a trick, there are two treats to be found here.


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On Twitter: the status read, “Monsters big and monsters small, sharpen your swords and slay them all… if you can spot them.”

Even YouTube got in on the game with the caption “the White Wolf [that’s Geralt] takes Halloween as a personal challenge. But keep your eyes peeled for a few sweet treats… you won’t want to miss what’s hidden.”

In case you don’t want to spend your whole day watching the videos, the new monsters from Season 2 are teased at the 0:15 and 0:30-second mark.


At 15 seconds, you see an eyeball(!) slithering(!) across the ground – which, by the way – pure nightmare fuel.

At 30 seconds, we see three skulls bound together in some creepy AF cave with incredible lighting. Also, nightmare fuel.

I do wonder why these monsters were chosen for the clandestine look at season 2. Perhaps these were the first characters with CGI fully rendered? Maybe they are the most Halloween-y (is that a word?)  of the bunch? Or is there a particular significance to their stories that the team wants to make sure receives early attention?

I guess we shall find out when The Witcher Season 2 launches  in 2021.

The Witcher: Season 2 Footage

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