The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: 1.03 – The Power Broker | John Wick Lite

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: episode 1.03 – Power Broker is an example of a story allowing it’s plot to inform it’s characters as opposed to it’s characters informing it’s plot and that is a major problem.

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the falcon and the winter soldier: 1.02 - The Star Spangled Man Review And Analysis

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Episode 1.02 “Star Spangled Man” | Defining Captain America

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier episode 1.02 “Star Spangled Man” finally brings our main characters together and asks what it means to actually be “Captain America”.

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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 1.01 New World ORder

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Episode 1.01 “New World Order” | This Old World Is A New World

The Falcon And The Winter Solider episode 1.01 “New World Order” is certainly more conventionally Marvel than WandaVision, but it also reminds us that convention is what defines an old world struggling to become a new world.

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Wandavision: episode 1.09 "The Series Finale" Review

WandaVision: Episode 1.09 “The Series Finale” (SEASON 1 FINALE) | A Thing Isn’t Beautiful Because It Lasts

The WandaVision season 1 finale, episode 1.09 “The Series Finale”, is a deeply satisfying conclusion to the operative theme of the story and it shows the viewer that not all good things must end. Rather, they transform.

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Wandavision - episode 1.08 Previously On

WandaVision: Episode 1.08 “Previously On” | The Only Way Forward Is Confronting Defense Mechanisms

The penultimate episode of WandaVision – episode 1.08 – serves as an exercise in Wanda’s fragile psychology while also exhibiting a magnificent balance of exposition, plot, and character.

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wandavision-episode-7-breaking-the-fourth-wall-review and analysis

WandaVision: Episode 1.07 “Breaking The Fourth Wall” | Be Careful What You Wish For

Wandavision episode 1.07 “Breaking The Fourth Wall” drops a major MCU bomb on us, but keeps it’s laser focus on it’s main character while warning us to be careful what you wish for.

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WandaVision: 1.06 All new Halloween Spooktacular Review And Analysis

WandaVision Episode 1.06 “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” | The Devil’s In The Details

WandaVision episode 1.06, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” is a creepy experiment framed by and existential crisis where the devil’s in the details.

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WandaVision: Episode 1.05 - On A Very Special Episode Review And Analysis

WandaVision: Episode 1.05 “On A Very Special Episode…” | What Is The Cost Of Lies?

WandaVision episode 1.05, “On A Very Special episode…” goes full 80’s and we are forced to ask ourselves, who is the real villain here and what is the cost of lies?

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WandaVision episode 1.04 - We Interrupt This Program Review And Analysis

WandaVision: Episode 1.04 – We Interrupt This Program… | Things Just Got Really MCU-ey

WandaVision episode 1.04, “We Interrupt This Program…” reminds us there’s a big vast world which keeps spinning outside Wanda’s sitcom bubble and connecting the two is a very hard job…

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Wandavision season 1 episode 3 episode three Now in Color

WandaVision: Episode 1.03 – Now In Color | Something’s Wrong Here

WandaVision episode 1.03, “Now In Color” tacks on more sitcom hijinks while also exposing the emotional framework of a very real prison for the mind.

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