The MCU Diaries: Reviewing Every Marvel Television Series

Join Blake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! He dives deep and breaks down every episode of television from the MCU.

Loki: Episode 1.06 “For All Time, Always” | The End Is The Beginning Is The End (SEASON 1 FINALE)

Loki episode 1.06 "For All Time, Always" is a perfect finale for both Loki and Sylvie.  But, in terms of everyone else, well, that's a different story...

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Loki: Episode 1.05 “Journey Into Mystery” | That’s Not Who I Am Anymore

Loki episode 1.05 "Journey Into Mystery" is a straight up bananaland episode of television which serves as a perfect "theme vs. anti-theme" mirror for our main character as it...

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Loki: Episode 1.04 “The Nexus Event” | Hiding A Twist In Plain Sight

Loki episode 1.04 "The Nexus Event" has given you a major twist, but it's not the twist you're thinking...

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Loki: Episode 1.03 “Lamentis” | Love Is Knowing And Accepting Fault

oki episode 1.03 "Lamentis" really wants to resonate with the viewer and clearly set up a redemption arc for Loki, but it falls just short.

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Loki: Episode 1.02 “Variant” | Going Beyond “The Hook”

Loki episode 1.02 "Variant" builds on the hook of the first episode, and shows it's cards for the rest of the series in an unexpected fashion.

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Loki: Episode 1.01 “Glorious Purpose” | Deconstructing Character Through Exposition

Loki episode 1.01 "Glorious Purpose" is a perfect entry into this series and serves as a flawless deconstruction of a character we thought we knew to a tee via...

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