Keep Calm And Crown On: Margaretology — PREMIUM

Keep Calm And Crown On Hosts Mary & Blake chat episode 3.02 of The Crown, “Margaretology”.

In this episode, we discuss the history behind LBJ, why leading with Margaret was a perfect choice for investing in the relationships of The Crown, and we speculate what Elizabeth is binging on Netflix…

This production is a PREMIUM Mary & Blake show – so in order to have access to the full episode, you need to become a “Sassenach” – $5 patron.

For now, I have included a portion of the episode in the player above.  Going forward, however, you will only be able to access the entire show once you are a patron.

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3 comments on “Keep Calm And Crown On: Margaretology — PREMIUM

  1. Breana says:

    Is it just my computer or does the episode stop right after Mary and Blake’s son scares Mary? The ep ends at 13:56 for me.

    1. Joyce D Syler says:

      Same happened to me.

    2. Blake says:

      Yup! That is only a preview of the episode. Keep Calm and Crown On is a Mary & Blake Premium Podcast for our Patrons. If you would like to hear the full episode, you can become a patron by clicking the link for it above, or right here:

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