Blake’s Book Club: Midnight Sun – Chaptah 1 — First Sight | Analysis | Free Episode

Blake’s Book Club: Midnight Sun – Chaptah 1 — First Sight | Analysis | Free Episode

Blake chats the first chaptah of Midnight Sun — First Sight…

Welcome to the inaugural chaptah of Blake’s Book Club for Midnight Sun.  I discuss Twilight’s cultural significance, if Midnight Sun justifies it’s own existence, and why Bella is basically Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream…

Normally, this is a PREMIUM Mary & Blake production – but we have included the entire episode in the player above for your enjoyment 🙂

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2 comments on “Blake’s Book Club: Midnight Sun – Chaptah 1 — First Sight | Analysis | Free Episode

  1. Deborah Reese says:

    I wanted to enjoy this podcast as the impotus to join the book club, but it felt so unprepared and scattered, and then got all warbly about 3/4 of the way through. Way too much comparison to other, obviously favorite, writers. I couldn’t tell what the point of this session was all about other than the repeated point that Edward’s viewpoint was valuable. Sticking to the topic of Midnight Sun would have been nice. Sorry…I came back more than once to try. Good luck! (Intended punctuation.)

    1. Blake says:

      Hi Deborah –

      I’m sorry that you’re disappointed in my efforts for the Book Club. You may not have have listened to the previous book clubs for Outlander, but this is a far more relaxed setting than the podcasts. It’s meant to be a discussion between myself and the listeners.

      This chapter was difficult because it had to be an intro to the Book Club itself, but also serve as an analysis of the first chapter at the same time. It’s a fine balance.

      That said, since we are currently in the middle of doing a Harry Potter re read as a podcast, and Outlander is a major facet to what we do here – plus we also had a podcast concerning Game Of Thrones, it’s only a natural fit to discuss all of those authors writing styles.

      I will admit, however, that the audio going warbly at the end is inexcusable. I strive for excellence and did not know that audio was glitched. It will not happen again.

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