This Is Us Too: Nine Bucks – Season 3 Premiere


This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about the This Is Us season 3 premiere – episode 3.01  – “Nine Bucks”

In this episode we discuss new when a customer of Blake’s knew something was different with him after meeting Mary, Dan Fogleman’s expert use of tension, why Franco Harris didn’t work, and having great balance for this episode…

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4 comments on “This Is Us Too: Nine Bucks – Season 3 Premiere

  1. Meredith says:

    The thing that I don’t get about this other guy who showed up at the end is this; Why is Rebecka playing the field this much? If you’ll recall in the episode “Moon Shadow,” she deserted a blind date to go sing in the bar. Then she goes out with Jack, but in the mean time, there’s this other man. I realize that at this point Rebecka is young, but three guys at once just doesn’t seem like her style. Also wasn’t the friend who lent Jack the $4 Migel? I could have sworn that was him.

  2. Blake says:

    It wasn’t Miguel. It was another guy. But I am hard pressed to remember his name. As for the “other guy” – I think Mary is right that it must be someone from her past that she wasn’t expecting. If you recall the way she looked at him, it was a major surprise that he was there. Not only that, it seems like she wasn’t too pleased that he was there either.

    Having said all that, I think my mind is slowly changing on the other guy. Yes, it seems like a stupid shock moment for the sake of mystery. But I don’t think the thrust of this reveal is “who the hell is this guy?!” But, rather, what do Jack and Rebecca do to navigate their way towards each other.

  3. Debra Battle says:

    Hi this is the first time I’m listening to this podcast. I was looking for another podcast about this show because I like to hear what people think about this show.

    The Jack’s friend name was Darryl.

  4. Debra Battle says:

    There is also another title for the show. Ava Maria or Hail Mary like the football play.

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