This Is Us Too: The Graduates


This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about This Is Us episode 3.14  – “The Graduates”

In this episode, we discuss why Blake has no idea what to do about panic attacks, Deja FINALLY getting something to do, and how Rebecca shares specific traits with the Big Three

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2 comments on “This Is Us Too: The Graduates

  1. Meredith says:

    Dear Mary & Blake,
    I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a Migel centric episode by the end of the season. Toby and Beth got their turns, so I’d be disappointed if he was left out. And you know what I’d like to see in that episode, whenever it comes? His courtship of Rebecka. I can’t even imagine how awkward that would be; to ask someone out who you’ve already known for years. Let’s not forget that Rebecka was friends with Migel’s wife, before the divorce. I’d also like to see the different grown children reacting to the news that they’re dating. Randall would probably say he’s happy for his mom. Kate would likely shrug and say “Do whatever you want. And Kevin would likely rant about it the next time he’s on a date.
    I think that you’re right that Randall being portrayed as a human being for the first time. And people are upset by that. I think that Season Four of “Outlander,” suffers a similar fate. They portrayed all four of the main characters as fallible people, instead of superheroes. Roger got the brunt of the backlash, but Brianna, Claire and Jamie all made very human mistakes.

  2. Blake says:

    Totally agree that seeing their courtship is a necessity. In fact, it would probably shed a lot of light on why their relationship is the way it is today, and how they lost touch for a brief moment.

    But the history of This Is Us, in terms of singular episodes like that, shows us that they usually only reserve slots of that kind of episode maybe once or twice a year. Since we got the TOBY episode, and BETH episode, I don’t think MIGUEL will be coming this year. THere is too much narrative to get to for the rest of this season. So my guess is that they included this scene with Miguel to build toward it for next season.

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