This Is Us Too: The Cabin

This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about This Is Us episode 4.14  – “The Cabin”.

Blake talks about his mother’s letters, we chat about how this was a culmination of the entire big three story, and we have more Twilight references than we care to admit…

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2 comments on “This Is Us Too: The Cabin

  1. LauraBeth says:

    Hello! Great podcast, thank you! I wanted to throw a hot take in. Marc is going to die on the way home. He drives like an idiot, the roads are bad. Maybe they will pass the Wreckage on the way home and it’s just too much death for Kate. Maybe the “we didn’t know what was going on back then” was in reference to how brutal she handles another death, another one she might blame herself for. I hope I am wrong because I don’t care if Marc, with a c, dies. But Kate will.
    Love your podcasts, thank you!

    1. Blake says:

      Awesome thought!!! Where’s my “Winner” button?!

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