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Hamilton the movie review

Hamilton The Movie: Passionately Smashing Every Expectation | REVIEW

Hamilton the movie, or the Hamilfilm as it’s more intimately known in nerd circles, is a visceral experience which needs no argument to justify it’s existence. It simply exists and we are all better for it.

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Washington ON Your side Hamilton

Rise Up!: Washington On Your Side – Breaking Down All The Supporting Characters in Hamilton

Mary & Blake discuss why your story can only be as good as your supporting characters in our latest episode – Washington On Your Side. We chat about all the side characters of Hamilton. Who is the best, who is the most over rated, who can be easily written out, who makes the most impact, and…

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Hamilton Non Stop

Rise Up!: Non Stop – Hamilton; A Broken But Sympathetic Main Character

Mary & Blake discuss Alexander Hamilton the character and why he is broken but sympathetic in our latest episode – Non Stop.

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Hamilton Aaron Burr, Sir

Rise Up!: Aaron Burr, Sir – The Perfect Antagonist

Rise Up! hosts Mary & Blake discuss the the relationship between Hamilton and Burr, and why they are both perfect antagonists in our latest episode – Aaron Burr, Sir. We chat the differences between a villain and an antagonist, why he is the perfect antagonist for Alexander Hamilton, why he creates his own nightmare, why Burr…

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Hamilton: The Story of tonight 3

Rise Up!: Hamilton – The Story Of Tonight

Rise Up! hosts Mary & Blake discuss the STORY of Hamilton and break it down just like it were a television show in our latest episode – Hamilton: The Story Of Tonight. We chat what goes right for the story, what goes wrong, and how it could best work if it were adapted into a television…

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Rise Up: History Has It’s Eyes On You – w/Special Guest Joanne Freeman

Today we’re chatting the real life history behind Alexander Hamilton and the world in which he found himself in History Has Its Eyes On You…

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Rise Up!: Ok, So We’re Doing This…

Welcome to Rise Up!: A Hamilton Podcast with Mary & Blake. Our first episode will serve as your introduction to us and all we love about Hamilton. We talk about all our Hamilton love, why Mary thinks Ulysses S. Grant was a grill master, our favorite songs, characters, lyrics, moments, and how Hamilton has essentially…

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Rise Up!: A Hamilton Podcast — Coming Soon!

This podcast will be coming soon! If you want to make sure you don’t miss a single episode — please become a $5 patron and click here

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