This Is Us Too: Her

This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about the This Is Us season 3 finale – episode 3.18  – “Her”.

In this episode, Mary discusses her realization that her mom knew what she was talking about, being in on Zoe being out, feeling like a mid SERIES finale, and make sure you stay through the absolute end because things get weird and we haven’t laughed this hard in a long time….  




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This episode of This Is Us Too is brought to you by Minute With Mary

1 comment on “This Is Us Too: Her

  1. This was the best way to end the season! Albeit I loved the perspectives
    On This is Us finale. Insightful and as a fan I felt it as a mid series finale.
    But, The ET ending is hysterical. Off the rails, I think not, off across
    the moon on a bicycle with laughter peeling like thousands of skittle bells
    in my heart.

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