Natural and Flawless

Today's #MinuteWithMary is a video about this simple, fresh, and natural spring look - all with products from Younique! Allergies have been making my skin [...]

Outlandish Locations: Discover the Bloody History & Haunted Towers of Blackness Castle

Written by:Anne Gavin Scotland essentially serves as its own *character* in the Outlander  saga. Accordingly, the television series has showcased many of the country’s finest [...]

What does Starz Season 3 Outlander Teaser Tell Us? Get ready for Jamie tragedy.

Written by: Janet Reynolds Starz released its official Outlander  teaser (not to be confused with a trailer, which would be longer and perhaps really tell us [...]

Outlander Cast Blog Exclusive: An Interview with Diana Gabaldon in South Africa

Written by: Jayne Coleman When I made plans to visit Cape Town for my vacation, I was so hopeful I’d be able to meet some [...]

Minute With Mary – Easy Easter Egg Hunt Game

One of the advantages of having two young children, is that they get excited about the smallest things! They have no expectations about holidays or [...]

In Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, It’s a Matter of Trust

Written by: Karen K. Rutledge Diana Gabaldon makes reference to “trust” more than 60 times in the first two books of the Outlander series alone. (Trust [...]

Fall is coming… Outlander vs. Poldark, Literally.

Written by: Ashley Crawley Remember the debate last fall? No, not those debates. I’m referring to the one where we reconciled our collective guilt for [...]

Droughtlander Reading Recommendations: What's On Our Nightstands?

Written by: Nikki Gastineau Droughtlander. Sigh. Will it ever be over? How does an Outlander-obsessed fan pass the seemingly endless days until September? The writers [...]

Outlander Cast Podcast Episode #78: Season 3 – What We Know So Far (with Special Guest Anne Gavin)

Written by: Blake Larsen Let's face it, #droughtlander sucks.But just because there aren't any new episodes to chat about doesn't mean there isn't ANYTHING to [...]

An Outlander Wrap-up: Sun, Sweat & Scots Weather in Cape Town

Written by: Jayne Coleman The Outlander  cast and crew have had a busy start to their South African stay. After the Scottish cold, wet and [...]

The Five Stages of Droughtlander Grief

Written by: Nikki Gastineau I’m not a therapist. I thought it would be helpful to get that out in the open right now so that [...]

Outlander, Catriona Balfe & Emerald City Comicon — A Fan's Revealing Journey

Written by: Erika Schmale, Guest Contributor Attending a Comic Con is not something I thought I would EVER do. For one, I’m borderline claustrophobic and [...]

Outlander Cast Blog Scoop: Sam Heughan's arrival in South Africa

Written by: Jayne Coleman and guest contributor Maralyn Goldsmith  We have a saying in South Africa — ‘n Boer maak ‘n plan — i.e., a farmer [...]

Fanwoman Without a Show: Living through Droughtlander AGAIN!

Written by: Teddie Potter Without revealing one smidgen of partisan detail, I will simply say that these past few months in the U.S. have been [...]

Outlander From Book to Screen: Favorite Lines of Love

Written by: Nikki Gastineau I love love. There I said it. When I was younger, I was in love with the fairy tale kind of [...]

Outlander in South Africa: A behind-the-scenes look at Cape Town from our local blogger

Written by: Jayne ColemanI live in the beautiful country of South Africa, so as an Outlander fan, I am super excited about the filming due [...]

Outlander Cast Podcast: The Five Love Languages Of Outlander – Episode 77

Written by: Blake LarsenInspired by Janet Reynolds' article, and all the fun that is Valentine's Day, the Outlander Cast podcast hosts, Mary, and Blake, bring you [...]


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LatteMadeEasy #CollectiveBiasBefore I had my (not-so) tiny babies, [...]

Droughtlander for 6+ More Months!? Starz, It's Time to Show More Love to Outlander Fans

Written by: Ashley Crawley I’m not one for math, but here’s a biting number for you — 419. As in, the total number of days [...]

The Five Love Languages in Outlander

Written by: Janet ReynoldsGary Chapman's wildly popular book, The Five Love Languages, has been on the bestseller list since 2009. The basic gist of the [...]

Outlander's Claire Fraser: Queen of Women and the Ultimate Badass

Written by: Nikki GastineauJames Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser: King of Men, ovary exploder, giver of smoldering looks, and the one responsible for the shortness of [...]

"Goodbye Scotland!" – Outlander Wraps Filming in Scotland for Season 3

Written by: Morag Wright, Guest Contributor I have been to the small Ayrshire village of Dunure many times in the past 20 years – always with my husband, [...]

Outlander Cast Chats w/Outlander Costume Designer: Terry Dresbach – Episode 76 #Gonelander III

Written by: Blake Larsen Outlander Cast Host (and my darling wife) Mary had the awesome opportunity to attend the Thru The Stones conference in Iowa this past December. [...]

Outlander Action around Scotland – On the Hunt for Season 3 Filming

Written by: Andrée Poppleton You might recall that I had the great opportunity to travel back in time to the 1940s, all thanks to the magic [...]

Outlander in Ayrshire: Season 3 Filming & a little Scottish History

Written by: Anne GavinUsually, Outlander shooting locations are a well-guarded secret. But, of late, it’s been hard to hide when scenes were recently shot along [...]

Black Jack Randall: The Perfect Outlander Antagonist… But Why He Has To Go

Written By: Blake Larsen In New England, where I live, we have a saying about someone (usually a sports figure) who can do no wrong [...]


The social and political climate in our country over the past few months has been...a little crazy. Of course this isn't a political post, and [...]

Outlander Action in Glasgow – the day I traveled back in time to the 1940s

Written by: Andrée Poppleton It was 8:30 am on a crisp and sunny September morning in Glasgow. And there I was, at an Outlander film shoot. [...]

Outlander on Break – Rounding up the Cast and Crew's Holiday

Written by: Anne Gavin Do you remember in elementary school when you returned from a blissful couple of weeks of freedom from homework assignments, annoying teachers and [...]

Stylist for the Day – What Outlander's Caitriona Balfe Could Wear to the Golden Globes…

Written by:Anne Gavin Editor's note: This weekend, amidst the parchedness of #Droughtlander, we will be granted a tiny drop of relief. No, it's not a trailer [...]

What Outlander's Jamie Gives Claire: Roots and Wings

Written by: Karen K. Rutledge Depending on the moment, our Outlander hero Jamie Fraser has been called many things — outlaw by those on both sides [...]

Getting to Know #Outlander's Annette Badland: 10 Questions

Written by: Blake Larsen Mary and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor Annette Badland (Mrs. Fitz) on Outlander Cast for our Christmas Special. [...]

How “My Peak Challenge” Became Sam Heughan’s “Field of Dreams”

Written by Holly Richter-White, Peaker: 2016/2017"People will come, Ray. They'll come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn up your driveway not knowing [...]

Year in Review: Our Writers' Favorite Outlander Posts of 2016

Written by: The Outlander Cast Blog Team A note from editors Ashley Crawley and Janet Reynolds:We here at the Outlander Cast Blog are likely closing out [...]

Outlander Cast Blog Exclusive – Annette Badland's (Mrs. Fitz!) Favorite Holiday Recipe

Written by: Blake Larsen We are so excited to bring you the second installment of #Gonelander, our new series where we interview cast and crew [...]

Get To Know Them: 13 Personal Questions With Outlander Actor Scott Kyle

Written by: Blake Larsen Mary and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor Scott Kyle (Ross) on Outlander Cast. Our episode with Scott kicked off [...]

'Twas the Night Before Outlander Christmas

Bastardized by: Nikki Gastineau and Janet Reynolds Editor's Note: Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it's almost impossible to walk in a public space in [...]

Outlander's Diana Gabaldon on Lord John Grey, her fave sex scene & more!

Written by: Janet Reynolds It was a big day in the Big Apple yesterday as Random House held its annual open house with authors that [...]

"In Case You Missed It": Outlander News Round-Up — #Droughtlander Edition #2

Written by:Anne Gavin I wake up some days and think, when will it end?  Can I endure?  When will it stop, the wanting you?  It’s interminable.  [...]

The Need to Belong: More Outsiders in Outlander

 Written by: Jayne Coleman Outsiders don’t fit in. That is their key characteristic. They fly solo through life. As humans, we conform to the expectations [...]


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #TidingsAndTreats #CollectiveBias You know, I really try.  I [...]

Yes, I'm a Man and I Love Outlander: One OutMANder’s Perspective

Written by: Glenn Gotling Editor's note: Isn't it pretty much every Outlander-obsessed woman's fantasy to find a man who loves the show and books as [...]


Today's blog post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and the American Cancer Society. All opinions are mine alone. The views and opinions expressed [...]

Into the Darkness: Finding Personal Light through Outlander

Written by: Nikki Gastineau  I discovered Outlander this spring when my family moved to a new house.  On the day of the move, I went [...]


This blog post about Christmas Sugar Cookie Cheesecake Dip has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DelightfulMoments #CollectiveBias [...]

The Need to Belong: Outlander's Jamie and Claire as Outsiders Looking In

Written by: Jayne Coleman The heart of Outlander is Claire and Jamie’s story, but it is also the stories of outsiders — those who find [...]

Get To Know Them: 14 Personal Questions With The Making Of Outlander Author Tara D. Bennett

Written by: Blake Larsen Mary and Blake had the pleasure of speaking with Tara Bennett on Outlander Cast recently. You can find the audio interview here. [...]

Fairies, Folklore, Witchcraft & Waterhorses – The Symbolism & Superstitions of Outlander

Written by : Anne Gavin Samhain is fast approaching.  Known as the Day of the Dead – Samhain marks the ancient Celtic holiday when spirits are [...]

Travel Your Way Through Droughtlander and Beyond

Written by: Denise Stewart As we are thoroughly into yet another Droughtlander, I am wondering what many of you are doing to get through.  Starz [...]


This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. [...]

Top Ten Musical Moments of Outlander Season 2

Written by: Anne Gavin Ah, #Droughtlander. You sap my strength every day when there is not some new tidbit or piece of Outlander news to [...]

Surviving Loss and Claire's Second Chance

Written by: Anne Hawkinson In the Season 2 finale ("Dragonfly in Amber"), Roger asks Claire, “How do you say goodbye to that one person you’ve [...]

Behind the Scenes at the BAFTAs: Outlander Up Close and Personal

Written by: Naomi Booker, Guest Contributor Who knew that on the 21st September 2016, I would meet my BFF Outlander friends on a West End Street [...]

Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 2 (Review) Long In Detail – Short on Journey

Written by: Blake Larsen Every once in a while, there comes along a soundtrack that provides the very definition of how a show can be [...]

Outlander Casting News! We Have Geneva, Isobel and Young Jamie!

Written by: Kendra Spring Klasek In the vast sea that is Droughtlander III: Attack of the Obsessenachs (more on that in a later post), we [...]

Dinner with Ron: Sharing our hopes, dreams and fears with Outlander's Ronald D. Moore

Written by:Janet Reynolds and Anne Gavin We’ve all played this game: if you could invite three people to dinner, who would you invite? Usually people [...]


Written by: Holly Richter White This article is so spoilery, it spoils the spoiler! You know the drill. Seriously, though . . . major spoilers [...]

What Starz pulling out of the TCA press tour means for Outlander

Written by: Janet Reynolds Things that have me going hmmmm: Starz announced last week that it was pulling out of the Television Critics Association annual winter [...]

The day I met Diana Gabaldon, the woman who gifted us Outlander

Written by: Julie Roberts,Guest Contributor When friends posted on Facebook that Diana Gabaldon would be speaking and signing books at the Entertainment Weekly PopFest in [...]


This blog post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #OneStopKittyShop #CollectiveBias So we finally did it [...]


My kiddos decided to skip their nap instead we made a movie! Check it out below :) Source: TMTB

Outlander vs. Poldark: breaking down your conflicted 18th Century guilty pleasures

Written by: Ashley Crawley  Hi, my name is Ashley, and I’m an Obsessenach. I imagine you are too, and it feels so warm and fuzzy [...]


This recipe for Raspberry Baked Brie has been sponsored by Pillsbury - but all thoughts, photos and opinions are mine alone :) #ItsBakingSeason It's the [...]


What have I been up to recently? Well, funny you should ask!  Here's a promo for my upcoming interview.  [embedded content] Source: TMTB


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HealthySkinSolutions #CollectiveBias Healthy skin seems to still elude [...]


Pumpkin flavored everything has arrived. Apple orchards are posting on their websites that the early crops are ready for picking, and I know quite a [...]


This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.  [...]


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #StimulateTheSenses #CollectiveBias Being a mom is hard.  Being [...]

Tall Dad's Top 5 Tips To Surviving A Weekend Without Mom (Pray For Me)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FormulaForHappiness #GerberTarget #CollectiveBias Finally - the day has [...]


Our once tiny baby is now a little boy, and is getting ready to head to Nursery School / Preschool in a mere 3 days! [...]

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