This Is Us Too: Unhinged

This Is Us Too Hosts Mary & Blake chat about This Is Us episode 4.03  – “Unhinged”.

In this episode, Mary tells her Abercrombie story, we break down the theme of support, how the friendship of Jae-Won and Randall is what will make audiences care about the political story, and we debate the merits of James Taylor vs. Jack Johnson

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2 comments on “This Is Us Too: Unhinged

  1. Val Babecki says:

    Thanks for the Jack Johnson song! Brought back heartwarming memories. My stepdaughter’s ex boyfriend once made her a collage video of the two of them and the background music was “Banana Pancakes” and “Better Together”. I used “Better Together” in my wedding playlist!

    On another note, I meant to write earlier to answer Blake’s question regarding whether we’ve been introduced to Rebecca’s sister. We were briefly introduced to her in the beginning of episode 105, The Game Plan. We see Rebecca and her younger sister sitting watching the football game with their father as their mother is tooling around in the kitchen. She’s also brought up when Jack and Rebecca argue about having kids. Check it out!

  2. Sarah Cox says:

    Mary, I died at your story of the ill-fitting horrible color Abercrombie sweater. I have a similar story myself circa 1999. So sick of StankFace Carissa (what’s her name again?) – I mean can we please have a narrative about a veteran that doesn’t involve PTSD and alcoholism? And can we please have a narrative about Kate that doesn’t involve her weight? Mary, I’m also a Miguel-Lover since we first met him. My personal theory is that Miguel marries Rebecca to save her from financial ruin. We see little hints of her not appearing to be able to support herself or even really having a job. My theory is that Miguel marries her to support her financially and only after that do they fall in love. I think Miguel is too loyal and respectful of Jack even after his death to come in guns ablazing to swoop Rebecca off her feet. Miguel likes to help people and marrying Rebecca so she doesn’t end up destitute is just the kind of thing he’d do. Loving your podcast from New Orleans!

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